1 Why should I choose HOUSEKEEPERS?

At HOUSEKEEPERS, we offer you the freedom of choosing from our standard packages, or specify your own requirement. We will work with you to tailor a package that suits your needs and to keep cost low.

2 Are your HOUSEKEEPERS reliable?

Definitely. Our HOUSEKEEPERS are screened and selected based on their experience and personal integrity. All our HOUSEKEEPERS are given on-the-job training before assigning them with any job. Our policy of providing quality service ensures that you will get nothing but the best from our team of HOUSEKEEPERS.

3 Will I be assigned a regular HOUSEKEEPER?

Yes. We will assign a regular HOUSEKEEPER to service your premise. This ensures that the HOUSEKEEPER would be familiar with your individual needs and requirement. Should the HOUSEKEEPER resign, we will provide a substitute from our team of resources.

4 Do I have to be in the house when you clean?

It is not necessary. Our company will manage your key and you can have your house cleaned and tidied while you are out or at work.

5 What is the difference between HOUSEKEEPERS and other hourly rated cleaning aunties?

We are a professional cleaning company. When you sign a contract with us, you are working with a company who is accountable and guaranteed of quality service. You will be able to seek redress if you are not satisfied with the service provided.

6 What are the benefits of getting HOUSEKEEPERS compared to a foreign live-in maid?

Benefits as compared to a foreign live-in domestic maid
No agency fee – savings range from $200 to $500
No employment levy – save $200
No need to provide for maid’s meals – save at least $250
No need to provide 6 monthly medical check-up for maid – save at least $150
Don’t have to loose $5000 Banker’s Guarantee should your maid go missing
Don’t have to live with maids who may create more troubles for you ...